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Our Mission & Vision

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Based on science

Our actions are based on science. We participate in the creation of science and follow the latest evidence provided by scientists from different disciplines. We do not believe in dogmas and that is why we are constantly reviewing our opinions and values.

Transparency and responsibility

We are responsible with the resources provided by our members and Donors, which is why we audit our accounts and provide public transparency. All constructive opinions are welcome.

Commitment and efficiency

We work honestly and committed to achieve goals with effectiveness and efficiency that give tangible results..

Human and animal rights

Strict with the rights of people and animals. We are based on human relationships without religious criteria, gender, origin and opinion.

Our Team

Who We Are

Neus Martí Secretària General
Neus Martí Sanz

General Secretary

Antoni Carulla Guarner

President & CEO

Àngel Bonada González

Vice-President I

Ambassadors for Nature, Volunteers, Donors & Community

People are the engine of the organization. Members, volunteers, Donors and our broader community of stakeholders make WN’s work possible.

  • Members give stability to the organization and make our Actions possible.
  • Donors to projects expand the impact of our Actions
  • The Volunteers and the general community of supporters act as ambassadors and expand the knowledge of our Cause

Our Partners

Our partners are organizations highly committed to nature conservation that meet strict criteria of corporate responsibility and compliance with the ODS

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