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We act to improve and restore natural spaces and conserve their habitats and their species


Ambassadors of WN is the community who ensure the conservation of protected nature

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Non-compliance with Laws

Non-compliance with laws and regulations and the constant impacts they receive endanger our protected natural areas

Lost Biodiversity

Where we lose more than 50% of Biodiversity and its habitats and endangered species

Climate change & Pollution

And that they will have to deal with Climate Change, soil pollution, water and the atmosphere

We count on you to create
a community of committed citizens
"Ambassadors for Nature"

Year of the Tiger

This is the year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar. But unfortunately every year should be the year of the Tiger because its populations continue to decline.
And we have to save it !

That is why at WN we collaborate with different initiatives to protect the populations of Tigers.

Can you help us?

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Big mammals

The large mammals, such as the Giraffes, are diminishing their populations in terms of illegal hunting, the trafficking of species organs and the human pressure on their habitats due to the growth of the human population and its activities.

It is urgent to declare more protected sanctuaries to preserve them.

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Protected natural area of the month

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For Whales

100% of your Donation goes to the “Whales” Great whales are suffering a very alarming decline.Pollution in general and overfishing are two causes of its

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