How many species could disappear today?

Can they be saved?

At WORLD NATURE we think so!

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WN in Action

ABOUT US: WN is a civic NGO

WN is a civic, independent and non-profit NGO.  Our Board of Trustees is made up of independent citizens committed to the conservation of nature on our planet.

WN has no affiliation with any political party, religious group, company or other such organization.

We are a free, diverse and independent organization. Our people have the ethical commitment along with the scientific and technical rigor for conservation.

WHAT WE DO: Save Nature

We protect natural spaces, along with their fauna and flora.


  • Research and monitoring of endangered species

  • Contribute economic, material and human resources to projects and initiatives

  • Encourage local, national and international governments to take legislative measures

  • Raise awareness and create empathy in society through educational projects and the dissemination of information

  • We can only do this thanks to the help and continued support of our members!

Your collaboration and participation are essential in helping us save wildlife and the natural world.

In return for your participation, we offer:

  • Regular updates and information through our Newsletter

  • Free and unlimited access to all the content on our website

  • The chance to participate in projects, other volunteering opportunities and much more!

Latest News and Reports

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We call for you to take action before the great loss of species on our planet.

Your help is essential in acquiring the necessary resources for our projects and actions to save nature.  Above all, it allows us to carry them out with the rigor and independence necessary to be most effective.

Thank you.