The decline in populations of wild cats is alarming

Human pressure, loss of habitat, poaching, lack of food are some of
the great causes that are causing the disappearance of large felines

but we are in time to reverit these causes
and recover the populations of the big cats on the Planet

Protecting big cats in an increasingly developed world requires a big commitment. It starts with people like you. Please help WORLD NATURE secure a future for wild cats with a donation today.





Snow Leopards



Lynx & Bobcat

Why Cats?

The presence of wild cats–our landscape guardians–indicate healthy, intact ecosystems that support all life, including people around the world.

World Nature’s core programs focus on implementing conservation strategies for some of the world’s most imperiled large cats–tigers, lions, jaguars, snow leopards, cheetahs, pumas, and leopards. Our effort also implement conservation and research initiatives on many of the 31 smaller wild cat species around the globe.

While World Nature’s efforts are focused on saving wild cats, the impacts go far beyond.

Our help and our programs can channel you, from projects of local NGOs or other International ones where we join efforts.

We also want to contribute with the resources collected to researchers who help to understand the most urgent needs of the conservation of wild cats.