Big Cats

In the last century, tiger populations have declined by 95% and that of African lions by 40% in only twenty years, to give two examples. In addition to tigers and lions, among the big cats, there are leopards, jaguars, cheetahs and pumps.

Everywhere, the reasons why these majestic animals face so many difficulties (of the 36 species of felines that are in the world, half are in danger according to IUCN) derive from the confrontation with the human being. 

The main causes are poaching (often to avoid attacks on livestock), the loss and fragmentation of the habitat and trade of live animals, or parts of their bodies.

Since the 1940s three tiger subspecies have been hunted until extinction: the Tiger of the Caspian (Panthera tigris virgata), Bali (Panthera tigris balica) and Java (Panthera tigris sondaica).

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