WORLD NATURE is an international non-profit NGO dedicated to the conservation of nature, its fauna and flora and its threatened natural spaces

We are a group of citizens of a global world, we come from the sciences of Ecology, Biology, Naturalism…

We are people committed to the conservation of the beauty and life of the Planet. We are entrepreneurial people and believe in the Conservation and Preservation of Nature as a driver of change and generating social welfare.

We are one of those who believe that there is another way of doing things, of which we want to create value with what we do. We are the vision of the world in which we want to live.

Preserving Nature and Preserving Life on Earth.

We work on tangible projects, on the territory, involving people, companies and public administrations. Positive and demonstrative projects of how to preserve nature in the long term.

  • Conserving Natural Spaces
  • Protect Endangered Species
  • Spreading, Educating and Sensitizing

We collect funds and resources to target NGOs on the ground that carry out effective and direct projects on species and natural spaces in the most important and remote places on the planet.

We evaluate these NGOs and demand a commitment from them for true transparency and information. Analyze your results to be able to explain to our Members and donors where their money is allocated and the positive impact of these.

Our Board of Trustees is made up of different people from civil society and it is not remunerated except for the President who carries out his functions as General Director (CEO)

Antoni Carulla, President&CEO.

Toni is a Naturalist and ornithologist expert in boreal fauna. He graduated in Business Studies, but has always worked in nature conservation NGOs in Catalonia (Spain). Their passion is birds such as vultures and large eagles, but also big mammals, especially big cats.

Àngel Bonada, vice-president.

Àngel is an expert naturalist in wildlife management. Lovly of Bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus), works in different conservation programs for biodiversity in Andorra, Catalonia and Europe.


 Neus Martí, General secretary.

Neus is a doctor in environmental sciences and economics from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Catalonia (Spain). His passion for nature has led him to work on projects of cooperation and conservation throughout the Planet, from the Andes of Peru to Malawi.